Moon Hill is a hill with a natural arch through it a few kilometers outside Yangshuo in southern China’s Guangxi autonomous region. Moon Hill is part of the Guilin Mountains. It is so named for a wide, semicircular hole through the hill, all that remains of what was once a limestone cave formed in the phreatic zone. Like most formations in the region, it is karst. It is also a popular tourist attraction.

The moon-shaped hole measures 50 m wide and 50 m tall, under the arch of which are stalactites of various shapes. The Chinese believe there is a palace on the moon known as Guanghan Palace. It is home to the legendary figures Chang’e, the Jade Rabbit, and Wu Gang the Woodcutter. According to Chinese mythology, they are responsible for the spots and shadows you see on the moon. On the roof of Moon Hill, you can see stalactites that greatly resemble these mythical characters. Perhaps they’ve become bored of the moon and decided to live on its beautiful earthly counterpart instead.

There is an 800-step path that leads to this arch and then a further, rockier path that leads to the mountain’s summit. The marble stairway was established in 1981 and is called “Appreciating Moon Path”. It is relatively easy to climb and takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the arch.

The path leading to the summit is on a much higher gradient and is much more overgrown, so it can take another 20 minutes just to reach the top. However, whether you climb to the arch or brave the summit, the view from Moon Hill is truly spectacular. This vantage point offers you panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and is the perfect place to take some stunning photographs of Yangshuo County.

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