Kefalonia is one of those islands that gets a healthy amount of visitors each year. They’re attracted to the beach for a variety of reasons, such as the beautiful scenery. It’s fun to wander the countryside and enjoy the lush scenery, but the main draw for travelers and locals alike is that the beaches are amongst the best in Greece.

Xi Beach is situated in the south of the Paliki peninsula of Kefalonia, Greece, and part of the district Mantzavinata near the town of Lixouri. The beach is a 4 kilometers strip of sand which is up to 50 meters wide in places.

Xi is renowned for its soft, red sand. The sand slopes reasonably gently so that one can go out a distance from the shoreline. The surrounding sediment and cliffs at Xi Beach are made up of white clay, which is eroded into sharp profiles by the rain. The beach is made up of soft, red sand.

In 2016, Xi Beach was listed as one of the ‘World’s Strangest Beaches’ by Travel + Leisure. “Xi Beach is an interesting study in color contrast: stark white clay cliffs, red sandy shore, and jaunty umbrellas. This is a popular retreat for summer sun-worshippers, especially in the wake of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, which was filmed on the island.” This beach is ideal for both photography enthusiasts and sunbathes.

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