Baishuitai or Baishui Terraces is one of the biggest limestone terraces in China. It is composed of the sediments of high Calcium Carbonate in the spring waters. Spring water flows downwards from the mountain to every semicircular-shaped limestone step. Year after year, it results in the natural terraces looking like white marble.

In the spring, Baishuitai makes visitors immersed in the deep green scenery, At every autumn, the surrounding mountains are surrounded by many leaves, flowers and plants turning red and yellow as beautiful as a picture.

Well-located at an altitude of 2380 meters, The Baishui Terraces, literally translated from Chinese “White Water Terraces”, is the birthplace of the Dongba culture for the Naxi minority people.

Behind its unique and breathtaking geological phenomena, there is a story to tell. It is said that the founder of Dongba culture settled there to spread his beliefs on his way back from Tibet. Since then, people regard the Baishui Water Terraces as a shrine. Till now, every year on 8th February (Chinese Lunar calendar), the locals gather there for the festival “Eryueba”, which literally translated as “Eighth of February”, which is believed the day of the Dongba founder held his founding ceremony. On that day the local Naxi people sing, dance, and slaughter chickens for offering sacrifices to the God of Mountain. The Festival ends with smearing the chicken blood on the branches around Baishui Water Terraces to show their esteems.

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