The Kaskawulsh Glacier is a vast, temperate valley glacier nestled in the St. Elias Mountains, within Kluane National Park in the Canadian territory of Yukon.

The icefields of the St. Elias mountains, a remnant of the ice sheets that once cloaked much of what is today Canada, are amongst the most expansive in the world and offer a window into our Ice Age past. Valley glaciers radiating out from the icefields, feed rivers flowing southward to the Gulf of Alaska and northward into the Yukon River, which flows westward through Alaska into the Bering Sea.

Located approximately 1,800–2,700 m above sea level, the glacier covers more than 39,000 km2 of the surrounding landscape. It terminates at the head of two river valleys, the Slims, and the Kaskawulsh Rivers, which feed the Yukon River (via Kluane Lake) and Alsek River systems respectively.

The Kaskawulsh Glacier stretches, curves, and forms a white Y-shape. Kaskawulsh is as winding as a silk strip along the rolling mountains, increasing the spectacular view of the St. Elias.

Backpackers can visit the Kaskawulsh along the popular Slims River West Trail, which follows the Slims River south for 32.0 km before ending at the summit of Observation Mountain near the toe of the glacier. Backpackers can also follow the Slims River East Route to reach the toe of the glacier, also known as the glacier terminus.

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