Tsagaan Suvarga (or White Stupa) and also known as mini Grand Canyon, which was once a seabed that featured a sedimentary structure that was created over millions of years, in the landscape of Mongolia. Sandstone formations of the Tsagaan Suvarga are composed of many different ores and chemical compositions such as iron and calcium, resulting in such colorful displays as they’re exposed to oxygen.

Discover unbelievable Tsagaan Suvarga, which is located in Dundgovi (Middlegobi) province in Southern Mongolia. It is over 60m tall at its highest point and continues for an impressive length of 400m. Standing on the top of canyon can take you back in time when humanity was not created.

From a distance, the Tsagaan Suvarga looks like the ruins of a city or a building. It has been proven to be an ancient dinosaur land and home to giant animals. In addition to hills, sedges, straw, and buckwheat, the valley is rich in other Gobi plants, such as sagebrush and leek. This amazing attraction has become one of the best destinations in Mongolia for domestic and international tourists in recent years.

There are 2 famous caves that lie 7 km to the east of the Tsagaan Suvarga. These caves are called Khevtee Bosoo Agui (Horizontal and Vertical Cave) because some parts of the cave are very small, you can only crawl but other areas are very large so you can stand up.

Tsagaan Suvarga is a beautiful photo shooting spot both day and night. There are some trails to hike down and up through the cliffs. Several ger camps and family-run ger guest gers accommodate travelers. Alternatively, you may break your journey for a short on your way between Dalanzadgad and Mandalgobi cities.

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