Landmannalaugar is a location in Iceland’s Fjallabak Nature Reserve in the Highlands. It is on the edge of the Laugahraun lava field. This lava field was formed by an eruption in approximately 1477. It is largely known for its natural geothermal hot springs and surrounding landscape.

Landmannalaugar is a truly rare area, both geologically and aesthetically. Landmannalaugar is a stunning valley in the Icelandic highlands famed for its colorful mountains and geothermal pools. Landmannalaugar itself is made up of windswept rhyolite mountains, a rock type that creates a full spectrum of dazzling colors. Shades of red, pink, green, blue, and golden yellow make for an ethereal location.

The whole landscape is the magical colors winding of the rhyolite mountains splendid in the sunlight. Between the colored mountains are sulfur vents. In the distance are many turquoise lakes. And in the high mountains are the remains of Viking settlements centuries ago.

After visually satisfying with the colorful mountains that stand out in the black lava fields, visitors can relax in the hot rivers of different levels in each segment surrounding the mountain range and near the tourist tent gathering area.

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