Playa Negra is a black sand beach located on the south coast of Vieques Island in Puerto Rico. It is the darkest of the few black sand beaches in Puerto Rico. The black sand is made up of volcanic minerals that have been eroded over time.

Playa Negra is about 2.5 km long. The appearance of the beach is quite unique. The sand is very fine and smooth, and it has a deep black color. The water is clear and turquoise, and it is often calm. The cliffs that back the beach add to its beauty. There are a few small orange crabs that can be found on the beach.

The black sand at Playa Negra is formed from the erosion of volcanic rock. The volcanoes on Vieques Island erupted millions of years ago, and the rocks that were formed have been slowly breaking down over time. The sand is made up of tiny pieces of these rocks, which are dark in color due to the minerals they contain.

The beach is located in a remote area, so it is not as crowded as some of the other beaches in Vieques. Despite these challenges, Playa Negra is a beautiful and unique beach that is well worth the visit. If you are looking for a secluded beach with stunning scenery, Playa Negra is the perfect place for you.

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