Skradinski buk (English: Skradinski waterfall) is a 17-tiered travertine waterfall on the Krka River, in Croatia. It is the one of the largest travertine waterfalls in Europe and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Croatia.

The waterfall was formed over thousands of years by the deposition of calcium carbonate from the Krka River. The water flows over the limestone bedrock, and over time, the travertine builds up, forming a series of steps. The waterfall is about 450 meters long and 16 meters high.

The beauty of Skradinski buk is due to its combination of waterfalls, travertine terraces, and lush vegetation. The travertine is a pale cream color, and the water is a deep blue-green. The waterfall is divided into 17 steps, each of which is a different height and width. The surrounding area is also home to a number of historical and cultural sites, including the Krka National Park and the Skradinski Monastery.

The best time to visit Skradinski buk is during the summer months, when the water levels are high and the weather is warm. However, the waterfall is also beautiful in the spring and fall, when the water levels are lower and the weather is cooler.

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