The Súľovské Rocks (Súľovské skaly) are a karstic rock formation located in the Súľov Hills in the Žilina Region of Slovakia. They are composed of limestone and dolomite rocks that were formed about millions years ago. They are made up of Jurassic limestone and dolomite, and are characterized by their steep cliffs, towering pinnacles, and deep gorges.

The most impressive natural bridge is called the Gotická brána (Gothic Gate) and is obviously the ruin of a cave. The former castles in the rocks are also ruined, there are only a few pieces of walls which remain. And there are numerous outlooks, which offer great views.

The limestone cliffs can be found on both sides of the valley of Súľov-Hradná. The rocks contain numerous caves and there are trails through the rocks. The biggest and most popular cave is CaveŠarkania diera which is located at the north-eastern side. The rocks and pinnacles with the ruins of the castles Súľov, Lietava and Hričov are located on the western side of the valley. The trails are quite popular with families because the trails are not that long and there is much less height difference as in the trails of the nearby Tatras. Parts of the trails, especially on the routes to Hrad Súľov (Sulov Castle), are equipped with ladders and chains.

The landscape of the Súľovské Rocks is a result of the interaction between the rocks and the forces of nature. The limestone and dolomite rocks are relatively soft and easily eroded, which is why they have been sculpted into such dramatic shapes. The water, wind, and ice have also played a role in shaping the landscape, creating caves, gorges, and other features.

The Súľovské Rocks are a popular destination for hiking, rock climbing, and spelunking. There are also several castles and ruins located in the area.

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