Agrio Falls (also known as Salto del Agrio) is a stunning waterfall located in the province of Neuquén, Argentina, about 16 kilometers from the town of Caviahue. The waterfall is approximately 60 meters high and cascades into a small green pool surrounded by yellow and red basaltic rocks. The contrast of the colors is simply breathtaking.

The water at Agrio Falls is a unique shade of blue-green, due to the presence of minerals in the volcanic rock. Due to the minerals, the Agrio Falls waters contain sulphuric acid, which gives it an acid (agrio in Spanish) that tastes like lemon juice. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green vegetation, creating a truly stunning contrast.

The best time to see Agrio Falls is in the morning or late afternoon when the sunlight hits the waterfall at an angle and creates rainbows in the mist. The falls are also gorgeous after a rain shower when the water is flowing more heavily.

Despite its acidic waters, Agrio Falls is a popular tourist destination. The hike is relatively easy and takes about an hour to reach the waterfall. Once at the waterfall, visitors can enjoy the stunning views and take photos. There is also a small platform where visitors can sit and relax.

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