A rag-tag team of engineers, commercial divers, and rev-heads have successfully driven a waterproof electric vehicle 7 kilometers under water across Darwin Harbour, in a stunt they claim has broken two world records.

The orange 1978 LandCruiser “Mudcrab” emerged from pitch-black water at Darwin’s Mindil Beach shortly before 9 pm on Saturday night, nearly five hours later than originally planned.

Hundreds of spectators cheered the car on as it reached the shore, with one of the crews holding a barramundi victoriously in the air. The team of 30 divers says they have now set the world record for the longest and deepest underwater drive at a depth of 30 meters.

The ’78 LandCruiser was powered by a special water-proof electric motor instead. That’s right, they drove an electric car underwater. To help keep the car weighed down each tire was filled with 330 pounds of water. As mind-blowing as this feat sounds, it’s not the first time it’s been attempted. A group of divers and drivers tried to cross the bottom of the harbor in 1983 in a Land Cruiser with a specially sealed combustion engine. However, the attempt ended after some of those seals failed.

Additionally, the vehicle would occasionally get stuck in the muddy ocean floor and would be lifted out with buoys that were chained to the vehicle. The entire trip took about 12 hours, two of which were spent lifting the vehicle over an underwater gas line. Eventually, the pressure of the deep water was so great that the team had to rotate drivers every 15 minutes. However, at 9 p.m. local time, the Mudcrab emerged from the water in victory.

According to the motortrend, ABC