Technically Tsagaan Sar allows all Mongolians to proud of their national heritage, culture, tradition, and custom. Tsagaan Sar gives an opportunity to unite families and people, strengthen the family bond, and enable people to get to know their family tree. Mongols used to celebrate the holiday by wearing all white, riding white horses, eating white foods made by dairy products, and exchanging white gifts.



The homes, clothes, and bodies must be cleaned too. Mongolians believe that good luck comes where there is cleanliness. In this regard, there is a ton of preparation work before Tsagaan Sar.



At least one month prior to the holiday, all families are busy with cleaning their homes and yards, repairing the broken household furniture and appliances, getting their traditional clothes called “Deel” ready, and cooking the special food which will be served during the holiday. 



On the first day of the Tsagaan Sar, people have to wake up before sunrise and put on their new or clean clothes. Then men climb to the nearest hill or mountain to watch the first sunrise of the New Year while women make milk tea at home and offer it to earth and god wishing the best to their family.



Mongolians perform a special greeting called ’’Zolgolt” during the holiday. When greeting someone, the younger person stretches both arms with palms facing upwards to the older person. The older person puts their arm on the top while the younger one`s arm goes underneath supporting the elbow of the older one. 

According to Discover Mongolia