Twitter users have long been clamoring for the capability to edit tweets, and while the company has hinted at the possibility of this happening in the past, its latest official stance is that this feature will not be implemented. That said, there have been rumors recently that an “undo tweet” feature is coming to the platform instead, and more information about this has surfaced today.

As spotted by prominent reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong – who found out about the feature in the first place -, there appears to be a subscription page currently tied to the “undo tweet” functionality. While this makes sense given that we know that Twitter is considering a subscription service, it’s difficult to see the value in paying for a capability that only allows you a five-second respite so you can undo a tweet before it is sent.

Indeed, the current undo functionality behaves like the “undo email” functionality that Google introduced on Gmail back in 2015, in the sense that it only adds a few seconds of delay before the tweet is actually sent out. During this time, you can’t see the tweet which means that you can’t spot potential typos or other mistakes in your hot take.

Twitter also officially confirmed to CNET today that the feature is in the works, but did not comment on whether it would require users to pay for it. It is likely that this capability is in the early phases of testing and the company hasn’t reached a concrete decision about the rollout plan yet. It is also important to note that since the functionality is in private testing, Twitter may enhance the UI further to add more value to it.