The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation has announced that December 2 will now be adopted as World Futures Day.

It coincides with the UAE’s National Day and is an invitation for countries around the globe to embrace the future and ensure it will be sustainable for generations.

The date was chosen in appreciation of the UAE’s role over the past 50 years and also its readiness for the future.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, welcomed the announcement, saying: “The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) unanimously adopted the UAE National Day, December 2, as World Futures Day, in which all countries of the world celebrate their visions for their future development and their readiness to create opportunities and plans for their future generations.

“The international recognition of the UAE as a country for the future, as a model for its vision, and as a major centre for its industry, places even greater responsibility on us to develop our capabilities in envisioning the future, keeping pace with its changes and benefiting from its opportunities. I wish our country good health and prosperity, and a better, bigger and greater future.”

World Futures Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of developing a “future mindset”, which means being prepared to address a variety of challenges that might arise and promoting international dialogue.

“Covid has reminded us that we can and must change course,” said Audrey Azoulay, director-general of Unesco.

“As new threats cast dark shadows on our present, we must harness the world’s incredible diversity to imagine and build our futures collectively.

“This is the spirit of World Futures Day, through which Unesco, as the United Nations’ intellectual and prospective agency, invites everyone to think about the future, in order to change the present.”

World Futures Day comes two weeks before Unesco’s World Arabic Language Day, held on December 18.

“The UAE’s vision of its future has evolved over the five decades to become a genuine culture, a specialised institution and an integrated system that everyone in the UAE lives daily, and which does not view excellence and leadership as a race to a finish line,” said Mohammed Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs.

“The UAE, with all its government institutions and through its strategic partnerships with friendly and brotherly countries, is keen to share its model for envisioning the future with everyone around the world.”

The UAE will come together next week to celebrate 50 years of progress.

Celebrations will be held in all seven emirates to reflect on the birth of the nation and look ahead to its future.

The UAE’s official 50th National Day celebrations will take place in Hatta on December 2.

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