This year 2022, Kate Jayden did the same thing she’d done for the previous 105 days: she ran 26.2 miles. And with that marathon, the 35-year-old from Derbyshire, England, set the record.

image Kate Jayden

Jayden shares the world title for most consecutive days to run a marathon distance (female) with Fay Cunningham and Emma Petrie, partners who also ran 106 back-to-back marathons this year.

She had initially only planned to run 100 marathons, a distance equivalent to the 2,620 miles between Aleppo, Syria and the United Kingdom – a route often taken by refugees seeking shelter.

Kate ended up raising £43,000 for humanitarian causes when she closed out her attempt with 106 marathons in 106 days.

However, the back-breaking effort and fatigue weren’t the only challenges she faced along the way. Kate reported a hurting knee on day 46 but kept at it to see her challenge through. Later, in May, an MRI scan revealed that she ran the rest of her attempt with a fractured knee.

Jayden, who ran her first marathon in 2011, prepared for her most recent endeavor by completing numerous multiple-day endurance and ultra events. And she did it all while also working a full-time job.

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