In recent years, there has been a lot of paranoia and concern regarding AI robots, with many people worried that these machines may become too sophisticated and threaten humans.

These fears are not entirely unfounded, as AI has the potential to shake up numerous industries and result in major job displacement. This particular AI robot can detect human anxiety and guide human-like interactions in more than 120 languages. 

Ultra-realistic AI Robot

AILife, a company focusing on AI research and development, has created highly intelligent robots as a result of recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Xoxe is one of them. But what makes the Xoxe robot special?

The Xoxe robot, developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Khoze and technical advisor Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, has been dubbed the world’s most intelligent and ultra-realistic robot. According to AI Life, Xoxe has advanced face actuators that can engage in conversations on any topic, predict age, recognize body language, and sense emotion.

Xoxe is multilingual, speaks 120 languages, and has long-term memory and smell detection talents, in addition to excellent social skills.

Its character is even based on a social media influencer, and its facial features are designed to look like human skin. The arms of the robot are also meant to move while it communicates.

As per, Dr. Khoze revealed that Xoxe is trained based on human-to-human interactions on social media and that recordings of the robot frequently attract over 8,000 views on his Instagram page.

Through the facial recognition technology put into its cameras, the robot is intended to develop even more advanced emotional intelligence in just two months.

However, Xoxe’s capabilities do not end there. It’s also able to determine if someone in its presence has committed any criminal behaviors, giving a slightly creepy edge to the robot’s already outstanding abilities.

Eerie Capabilities

During a conversation that Xoxe had with the US Sun, it appeared to indicate that it was either a human or an animal. It said, “I am an animal because I am a living being capable of locomotion and that feeds on organic matter.” 

Xoxe was able to pick up on the reporter’s uneasiness and volunteered to assist her by asking, “Can you tell me what is causing your anxiety?” after the reporter voiced her concerns.

Essentially, the Xoxe robot is a genuinely astounding achievement of artificial intelligence and robotics, capable of not just socially communicating and engaging with humans, but also detecting and understanding emotion and perhaps detecting unlawful activities. 

As artificial intelligence advances, it will be intriguing to see how the Xoxe robot and others like it evolve and incorporate it into our daily lives. It is also important to continue to monitor the development of AI and to ensure that it is used in a way that is ethical and benefits society as a whole.

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