Nguyen Nguyet Nga (born on July 20, 1987) from Hanoi, Vietnam,  set an Asian record for being the first teacher to research, improve, and successfully apply the bilingual program of magic thinking Finger Math in both Vietnamese and English by using left hand’s “finger creases”. This method is used to perform virtual calculations: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, root, decimal, negative, prime, fraction numbers and mixed numbers.

In Vietnam, in recent years, two methods of Thinking Math, Soroban and Finger Math, have become more and more popular, but they still have characteristics that are not suitable for Vietnamese students and can reach for improvement. The research and the proposed method of this topic is the method of using the finger crease on the left hand to calculate, consistent with the characteristics of writing with the right hand in Vietnamese students. The students use their right hand to write, while their left hand still performs calculations through the creases of the fingers that have been conventionally numbered and output the results of the calculation.

At the 51st Meeting of Vietnamese Record Holders which was held in Thai Nguyen – Vietnam, Asia Book of Records (ABR) awarded Asian record to Ms. Nguyen Nguyet Nga.

Dr.Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury – Chairman of World Records Union (WorldKings) and Ambassador Ngo Quang Xuan –  former Vietnamese Ambassador to the United Nations, a member of the Vietnam Record Establishing Council awarded the Asian record to Ms. Nguyen Nguyet Nga