Fans and enthusiasts alike welcomed Apple’s decision to sell the M1-powered iMac in multiple colourways. A desktop computer will spend its entire life sitting on a desk. Allowing users to pick a colour that will match their decor is a step in the right direction. Apple could offer its upcoming line of MacBooks in multiple colour variants, too, if a new leak from controversial leaker Jon Prosser is accurate.

One of Prosser’s sources reached out to him, stating that Apple was testing a Blue MacBook prototype but neglected to mention its screen size and model. It could be one of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro notebooks that we talked about earlier or even the 14-inch MacBook Air. Concept artist Ian Zelbo drew up what a Blue MacBook Air could look like.

Based on what we know so far, the upcoming MacBooks look promising with their mini-LED screens and Apple M2 (aka M1X) chip. The ability to choose between multiple colour variants would be an excellent addition to that.

Prosser adds that enterprise-grade Apple hardware, such as the Mac Pro, will receive no such treatment. It makes sense, considering that business users have little use for pretty colours. Purists will insist that there is no need for Apple to deviate from its tried and tested aesthetic. Still, everyone will almost certainly welcome Apple’s decision to add a dash of colour to its notebooks.

As is the case with all leaks, we should treat this information with scepticism, more so because it involves Jon Prosser. Then again, his prediction about M1 Mac’s colourways was spot-on.