After 28 years of establishment and expansion, Van Phuc Co., Ltd. has established itself as one of the most prominent real estate developers with competently invested projects and has been and is becoming a model urban area in Ho Chi Minh City, of which Van Phuc City is an example.


Van Phuc City has a convenient location and is connected to Ho Chi Minh City’s interior and exterior locations with ease. It offers all the amenities for a modern, luxurious lifestyle, matching the romantic Saigon riverside like a precious work of art.

More than 60% of the project area is devoted to green space and water surfaces to give residents an ideal of a fresh living space close to nature.

Located on a green peninsula with an area of 198 ha, encircled by the 3.4 km-long Saigon River system, with a central lake 16 ha wide and a network of canals that is almost 2 km long. Van Phuc City is being developed in a way that promotes sustainable ecology.

Song Trang Canal is 2km long, located in the middle of Van Phuc City Peninsula, and consists of 3 main segments: Royal Park, Diamond Park, and Luna Park.

Song Trang Kenh Park owns a large green area that stretches across the peninsula, providing a cool living space to meet the entertainment and relaxation needs of residents with a variety of typical facilities such as climbing towers, a walking path, a roller skating area, a cool green park, a children’s play area, an outdoor sports area, and so on.

The 16ha-wide Dai Nhat Lake is a blue pearl, romantic feature in the heart of the Van Phuc urban area.


Diamond Square, Van Phuc City’s primary square, is 1.6 hectares wide and can accommodate up to 10,000 people. It was completed and put into operation in 2020. For Van Phuc citizens, as well as domestic and foreign tourists, major festivals, events, and entertainment places, are held here. The most notable event is a water music show on Dai Nhat Lake.

The 80m x 12m water mapping film was constructed with more than 50 different types of nozzles capable of creating high water columns, 60m, 120m-130m wide, and is positioned on Dai Nhat Lake in the shape of a bow with a width of 120m.

The sprinkler and light system will work in accordance with the rhythm of the sound, combining the movement of light colors with vibrant and attractive music and artwork, recreating the story of the Mountain God and Water Monster in Vietnamese folk tales.


On the evening of May 27, 2023, at Diamond Square – Van Phuc City (Ho Chi Minh City), the inauguration ceremony of the Van Phuc Water Show took place. On this occasion, Van Phu City officially set two national records recognized by the Vietnam Record Organization (VietKings), with the contents respectively:

  • Van Phuc City – The first urban area in Vietnam located on the peninsula with a protective barrier surrounding, a central regulating lake, and canal systems throughout.


  • The Water Music Show at Van Phuc City includes the Square and the water music system in the central lake, recreating the story of the Mountain God and Water Monster in Vietnamese folk tales is the largest in Vietnam.
Dr. Lawyer Nguyen Van Vien – Director of the Vietnam Intellectual Property Institute, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Record Association; and Mr. Tran Hoang – Chairman of the Vietnam Marketing Association, Standing Committee of the Setting Council of Vietnam Record Organization, together with Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Ngoc awarded the record to the representative of Mr. Le Van Minh – Member of the Board of Directors – General Director of Van Phuc Group and Mr. Pham Danh – Deputy General Director of Van Phuc Group (Photo: VietKings)

Van Phuc City has been developed into the leading green and modern worth-living urban area in Ho Chi Minh City with invested utilities and fresh living space. All these provide inhabitants with a perfect, contemporary, and natural lifestyle smack in the middle of busy Saigon.