Keith Edward Snyder, a skysurfer from the US, has created history once again by breaking his own World Record for the most helicopter spins while skysurfing. Previously, he managed to do about 160 helicopter spins. He became popular in the sport after winning several championships. Now, on July 4, 2022, Snyder has managed to do 175 helicopter spins as he sky-surfed in Virginia.

The video of his record was shared on the official Instagram page of the World Record on Wednesday, August 25. The clip has managed to impress netizens to a whole new level. In the clip, Snyder jumps off the helicopter only to turn upside down and perform back-to-back inverted spins that might make you feel dizzy. Watch the video below:

As soon as the video surfaced online, it garnered a thunderous response from netizens. While a user said, “This is called World Record. I feel drowsy by just seeing it!” another added, “How do you count those spins?” A netizen also wondered, “Holding on to consciousness would be so difficult.” The video has amassed over 18 thousand likes within just a day.

In a previous interaction with the World Record, Snyder had explained what it feels like to be spinning inverted at a great height. The sky surfer revealed he talks to himself: “No problem, don’t worry about it just got to put it up on your feet, hop out of the plane, and you’ll be fine – no worries!” Having said that, he also revealed that he has his moments of fear and jitters while performing the stunts. “Quite often when I feel those jitters, I go through my checklist if I am ready, if I have everything, I need my parachute,” he said.

While talking about feeling dizzy or unbalanced, Snyder revealed that his mind works a tad bit differently after performing the sports for years. According to him, there’s a certain kind of tolerance that he’s achieved over time but highlighted that there’s a ladder to reach that position.

“There’s a tolerance that builds up over time if I were to go out right now and spin I won’t be able to go and spin at that rate immediately there’s a little bit of a ladder to climb to get to that level of performance,” he explained.

Snyder added that he has discovered a certain kind of energy flowing through his body while performing the stunt, a feeling of connectedness, that he aims at polishing to further sharpen his skills.

According to Source of photo: internet