HANET Electronics Vietnam on Tuesday unveiled an AI security camera that is able to recognize up to 50,000 faces, with the detection speed of less than 0.25 seconds.

The device can recognize faces from a distance of one to four meters, and the accuracy rate is claimed to be 99.9 percent.

It can also detect faces with gauze masks and sunglasses on, as well as distinguishing age and gender.

The camera is equipped with LED lights, speakers, and warning functions.

It can be connected via wireless networks and is easy to install.

As the HANET camera is integrated with a human resources platform developed by a local company, it will help companies time the attendance of their employees in a faster, more effective, and more accurate manner.

The device is also suitable for security surveillance at home, stores, and buildings, for membership management at gym and fitness centers, and for residence management at apartment buildings.

Video data is stored in the cloud system for up to three months, while entry and exit history storage can last for one year.

The AI camera can classify events to help users review footage more easily.