A Nordic man known to perform extremely dangerous stunts in freezing climates while nearly naked has stunned the internet with his latest trick, breaking a world record.

Ken Stornes, from Norway, took to his Instagram page followed by 638,000 people on Sunday (December 3) to share a clip of himself performing what he captioned a “death dive”.

In the caption of the video, which has been viewed an impressive 101 million times, Ken wrote: “New world record! 40.5m / 132ft.

“Once again we take the deathdive world record back to Norway where it belongs.

“This was insane!”

There appeared to be a team of professionals in a boat near him in the water to make sure he was okay.

All and all, Ken successfully completed the stunt, as he officially broke the world record for the highest deep dive at 40.5 meters (132ft).

Norway seems to house many adrenaline junkies who are unafraid of heights and freezing temperatures, as it is Asbjørg Nesje, a Norwegian woman, who has been holding the title for the highest women’s death dive for three consecutive years, setting her latest record at 30.5 meters.

According to boredpanda.com. Source of photo: internet