Are you in love with monuments? Then there’s one right in the heart of Pune city, and it is edible too. This record-breaking hand-piped icing structure in white measures a whopping 10 feet 1 inches, and weighs more than 200 kg.

Fashioned by Pune-based cake artist Prachi Dhabal Deb, 37, this mighty structure has made it to the World Record. With a length of 10 feet and 1 inch, and a height of 4 feet and 7 inch, her latest structure has a width of 3 feet and 8 inch.

The artist was bestowed the certificate digitally.

It is Prachi’s third world record for creating the biggest Vegan Royal Icing Handpiped Structure, an edible palace of Indian architecture. In fact, she has broken one of her own records from 2022.

“I wanted to make something dedicated to our beautiful architecture. We have so much beauty around India. I have made a lot of Indian architecture-based cakes which were not so huge in size. So, I always had a desire to make a palace, not a replica of any particular palace, but something close as there is so much beauty around India. By the look of the icing structure in white, you can feel a glimpse of Indian architectural beauty,” Prachi, Founder, Cake Décor India, told The Indian Express.

Notably, in 2022, she made it to the record books with not one, but two titles—Biggest Royal Icing Structure, a 6 feet and 4 inches in length, 4 feet and 6 inches in height, and 3 feet and 5 inches in width, weighing 100 kg, and Maximum Number of Egg Free, Vegan Royal Icing Structure (three bigger structures and two small structures inspired by various European, Victorian, and Indian architecture).

Sharing details about her latest record, she took to her Instagram, “Nothing beats the joy of breaking your own record…This Regal Indian-inspired Palace all handpiped with my vegan royal icing in association with Sugarin. It’s inspired by various monuments and palaces from different parts of India.”

She added, “To me it is always an aim to strive towards improving on what I have done previously and that is what motivates me to keep working and try out new things. From starting on with making a 3 inch tall gazebo to the Milan Cathedral’s vegan royal icing version last year to this, Indian Architecture-Inspired Palace, immensely humbled and honoured to achieve the 3rd World Record.”

Interestingly, the entire structure which stands sans any cake is edible. “The recipe is developed by me in such a way that the strength, stability, and freshness remain for a long time. This is good enough for eating and consuming within a week. But royal icing which has been used makes it good enough to be kept as a preserved structure for many years to come, just like I have kept last year’s till now in a glass case,” Prachi told The Indian Express, adding that it took three weeks to build the structure.

Talking about her journey, which began in 2012, she recalled that it began as a hobby. “I was working with a multinational before that. Since I have always been a very creative person, this just started as a hobby. Then, I traveled to various places like Malaysia, London, Singapore, etc. Eventually, I started learning the royal icing art in London in 2015 from a renowned cake artist, Eddie Spence MBE, who has made cakes for the British royal family.”

On her connection with the city of Pune, which she has made her home for more than 13 years now, Prachi said, “Pune has been a very special place to me. My love for cakes, for this icing medium, everything began in Pune. As a city also, it is a very beautiful city, surrounded by beautiful monuments. Pune has had a huge influence on my career and I am very grateful for that.”

How does she keep herself going? Admitting that royal icing piping is her passion, she said, “As an artist, I am blessed to use this medium to portray my creativity. I try to believe every day holds new possibilities. So, it is important to trust the process and take each day as it comes.”

According to Source of photos: internet