Texas native Mary McCoy, 85, has worked in the broadcast industry longer than two or three radio hosts or broadcast presenters would have combined.

With a mammoth 71 years and 357 days in the industry, she was officially verified on February 15, 2023, as having the longest career as a female radio presenter/DJ (female). Mary beat the previous record holder by more than three years to claim the top spot, and she’s got no plans to give up the job she treasures any time soon.

According to the record-keeping organization, Mary began her career in 1951 while participating in a radio station talent event and telling the authorities that she wanted to host her own show. In just four months, her broadcasting ambition came true, and at the tender age of 12, she started her career as a radio host.

“In August 1951, I had the pleasure of becoming a radio presenter/DJ, and although the radio station has changed ownership (KIKR and now KSTAR), I have maintained this job,” she said.

The 85-year-old radio broadcaster is still in business. On K-Star Country, she hosts a two-hour Country Classics show six days a week.

“Growing up, my dream was to get into the entertainment business. I started out singing at talent shows, and I was asked to audition for a radio show. They liked what they heard, and I started working at KMCO Radio on April 20, 1951, doing a 15-minute singing program,” she told.

Along with her DJ work, Ms. McCoy also had a musical career. In 1955, Elvis Presley and his band joined her on stage for a few songs.

According to ndtv.com. Source of photos: internet