• The academy was established in 2005 under the leadership of Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, world record holder and general manager of the Indian Records Organisation and Asian Records Organisation.
  • The academy, a non-profit organisation, is sponsored by the World Records Union (Worldkings) and its members around the world. It is independent in terms of making decisions and ideologically.


  • The academy has 1,500 members, all record holders from around the world.
  • All members of the academy’s personnel council are record holders who have experience in practice and corroboration of results through specific products. They possess training skills to meet high-end labour market needs.
  • All members of the academy are scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, craftspeople, and leading national-level researchers who have created specific products. The value of their products exceeds the values recognised by the global record-holder community.


The academy has six main departments:

+ Department of Creative Practice in Unique Products

+ Department of Creative Practice in Special Services

+ Department of Practice in Skills Training

+ Department of Creative Practice in Record Events

+ Department of Practice and Packaging Scientific Research Projects

+ Department of Practice in Self-Introduction of Global Record Products


  • The academy is an international non-governmental non-profit organisation. It is registered to operate under Indian laws and the copyright laws of the British Copyright Institute (based in Faridabad City, India). It has three representative offices in the Indian capital New Delhi, San Diego City in the US, and HCM City in Vietnam.
  • The academy’s members work voluntarily for the benefit of the global record-holder community.
  • The academy is a unique community because its members are record setters who are also employees and senior leaders.
  • The academy does not serve or associate with individuals and units that are not related to records.
  • The academy is a place for like-minded people to collaborate, create and inspire each other.
  • The academy is a place to inspire, recognise and support record holders with outstanding talent for product creation, marketing and bringing their products to the market.

The academy is considered an ‘Idea forum’ for record setters around the world.



  • The academy only serves record holders around the world; it does not serve any other subjects.
  • The academy focuses on practical scientific research and corroborating results to empower global record-holders and follow their path of dedication to society.
  • The academy cares for and protects the great minds of the record holders.
  • The academy helps bring together talented record holders around the world.
  • The academy enables record makers to earn a living off their talent and creative efforts.
  • The academy is committed to promoting the application of scientific advances in research, practice and corroboration of results.
  • The academy organises practice courses to create unique products based on the knowledge and practical experience of record holders around the world during their process of practising and corroborating results.


  • Promoting interaction, application of research outcomes and transmitting knowledge to users about how to become record makers who can practise and corroborate results.
  • Building relationships between record setters around the world who are scientific researchers.
  • Stimulating new discoveries through global seminars and conferences.
  • Recognising, supporting and promoting creative ideas of record maker communities in Worldkings’s member countries.
  • Meeting the requirements of global markets and the most demanding orders from investors for special and exclusive products made by the world’s top record makers.
  • Promoting exchanges and collaborations in science, technology and practice through creating exclusive and unique products by record makers from Worldkings’ member countries.
  • Encouraging record makers to do scientific research and share their experiences in practice and corroboration of results.
  • Providing scholarships to young record makers who have aspirations and ambitions of creating unique values.
  • Providing research grants to record holders who are scientists and special research groups carrying out national and international projects.


  • Introducing and publishing the latest studies by record holders worldwide through conferences, seminars and exhibitions. These events are held at the academy’s headquarters and completely free for attendees.
  • The academy will publish 100 research projects a year on products developed by record holders.
  • The academy will annually announce 50 unique products created by the record holders.
  • Every year the academy will publish a yearbook on the outstanding creative works of record makers around the world.
  • The academy will announce successful collaborations betweenrecord makers and investors every 24 hours through an electronic bulletin.