Slovakian woman, 39, amasses world record-breaking collection of 62,500 napkins that could be worth £300,000

A resident of Slovakia Antonia Kozakova has collected the largest collection of napkins in the world. The Slovakian has taken 16 years to create her collection – that includes examples from countries all over the world.  

In the stacks, neatly stacked in a spacious room, you can count more than 70 thousand copies. Experts believe that the total cost of the collection exceeds 500 thousand dollars.

It took Antonia 20 years to purchase individual copies. At the same time, the entire collection has already been included in the “Guinness Book of records”several times. Among the usual napkins with images of flowers, patterns, fairy-tale characters, there are exclusive rarities, for example, with portraits of members of the Beatles.

A woman’s £300,000 collection of napkins has made her a record-breaker for the fourth time. The eclectic collection, thought to be worth in the region of £300,000, includes one tiny napkin that is just two-inches long, while the largest design stretches to almost four ft. One of the eldest designs dates back to the 1940s.

As her collection becomes more high-profile, Mr Kozakova says residents of her local village in Ruska as well as fans from across the rest of the world send her unusual napkins.