Chouara Tannery is one of the three tanneries in the city of Fez, Morocco. It is the largest tannery in the city. It is located in the Fes el Bali, the oldest medina quarter of the city, near the Saffarin Madrasa along the Oued Fes (also known as the Oued Bou Khrareb).

Operating in the medina, the tannery is home to leather produced from sheep, cows, goats, and other such animals.

Since the inception of the city, the tanning industry has been continually operating in the same fashion as it did in the early centuries. Today, the tanning industry in the city is considered one of the main tourist attractions. The tanneries are packed with round stone vessels filled with dye or white liquids for softening the hides. The leather goods produced in the tanneries are exported around the world.

Not only have the physical structures of the tannery been left intact, but the techniques used for the tanning of leather have changed little since the time of the Idrisids. Like their Medieval forebears, the leather tanners of Fez today carry out their work completely by hand, without the aid of modern machinery.

At the Chouara Tannery, the whole tanning process is visible from the terraces surrounding the site. Incidentally, these terraces are also the shops where the finished leather products are sold.

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