Estadio Daniel Alcides Carrión is a sports arena for soccer practice located in the Peruvian City of Cerro de Pasco located at 4,378 meters above sea level.

A unique feature of the stadium is that it was built and designed by the Egyptian Armed Forces Corps of Engineers.

Estadio Daniel Alcides Carrión is the highest stadium in the world has enough room for 8,000 supporters. As recognized by FIFA in its official magazine, no pitch is located at a higher altitude than this.

It exceeds in height, by much difference, the Hernando Siles stadiums in La Paz, Atahualpa in Quito, Campín in Bogotá, and the Azteca Stadium in Mexico.

Estadio Daniel Alcides Carrión has been the sight of controversy in the past. In May 2007, for example, the governing body of international football, FIFA, banned international matches from being played above 8,200 feet from sea level.