The Galt Arena Gardens is believed to be the oldest continually operating arena. Construction of the building began in 1921, with Architect Frederick Charles Bodley selected to design the space that held about 4,000 people. Though incomplete, the arena officially opened on January 20, 1922, for the hockey game between the Terriers and the Preston Intermediate Club.

Several ice hockey arenas are older, including the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, built in 1898, and the Stannus Street Rink, of Windsor, Nova Scotia, built in 1897, but are no longer in operation for ice hockey. The 1910 Matthews Arena in Boston is still in operation, but it closed for several seasons due to fires and renovations.

The arena, featuring an ice surface measuring 185×85 feet, has also seen a variety of events from circuses to annual elementary school ice skating races (which first began in 1931 and continue today). Throughout the years, it has been a welcoming space for both religious gatherings and industrial shows. Galt Arena Gardens was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act in 1997 following significant renovations.


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