The Bank of the Nation, known in Spanish as the Banco de la Nación, is the bank that represents the Peruvian government in financial transactions in both the public and private sectors, as well as at both domestic and international levels. It is a state institution, but it should not be confused with the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, the central bank which coins money. The BN (its official Spanish initials) belongs to the Peruvian Ministry of Economy and Finance. Its headquarters is located in the San Isidro District of Lima, the capital of Peru.

Banco de la Nación

Macusani is a town in Southern Peru, capital of the province Carabaya in the region Puno. Due to the extreme altitude, Macusani has a tundra climate and very low temperatures, even during the warmest month of the year. And the world’s highest-altitude bank branch is located at 4387m above sea level in Macusani. The office serves the area of Macusani and Carabaya in Peru, offering all regular bank services to the inhabitants of the region.

The branch is a symbol of the presence of the Peruvian state in rural and remote areas of the country. In addition, it provides financial services to a population that would otherwise have difficulty accessing them.

Peru is home to the Is the world’s highest-altitude bank branch in the world. However, the highest ATM in the world is located at 4693 m meters above the sea in Mutsjliga Pass, Pakistan.

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