The MT MOL FSRU Challenger is a Bahamas-flagged liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier. It is the world’s largest floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU).

The ship was built by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering in South Korea and was delivered to its owner, MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd., in 2017. It has a length of 346 meters, a beam of 52 meters, and a draft of 11.5 meters. Its LNG storage capacity is 263,000 cubic meters.

The MOL FSRU Challenger can regasify up to 800 million cubic feet of LNG per day. It is equipped with two regasification units, each with a capacity of 400 million cubic feet per day. The ship also has a power generation capacity of 120 megawatts.

The MOL FSRU Challenger is a versatile vessel that can be used to supply LNG to a variety of markets.

Here are some additional details about the MT MOL FSRU Challenger:

  • It is powered by a dual-fuel diesel-electric propulsion system.
  • It has a crew of 50 people.
  • It is equipped with a dynamic positioning system to maintain its position in the water.
  • It is certified to operate in ice-covered waters.

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