The Baku Museum of Miniature Books is the only museum of miniature books in the world, located in the old part of Baku, called Inner City. and houses a collection of over 8,000 miniature books from 76 different countries.

The museum was founded in 2002 by Zarifa Salahova, who collected the books over a period of 30 years. The museum has several thousands of fairy-sized books, including miniature editions of works of Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Gogol, and Chukovsky. The books originate from around the world and are written in numerous languages, including Azeri, Russian, English, and German. The oldest book in the museum is a miniature copy of the Quran, dating to the 17th century, while some of the books are so small that they can only be read with the help of a magnifying glass.

The museum is a popular tourist attraction, and it has been featured in a number of publications, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. It is a fascinating place to visit, and it is sure to amaze and delight visitors of all ages.

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