The Dagu Glacier Gondola is a gondola lift in the Dagu Glacier National Park (Dagu Glacier National Park) in China and is used for tourism development. She goes from lying in a valley at 3,617 m altitude valley station to the m to 4,843 on Dagu Glacier point lying mountain station, making it currently the highest cable car in the world.

The gondola lift travels in one section over a height difference of 1,226 m to the mountain station at 4,843 m. The gondolas, designed for eight people, take less than 10 minutes to travel. The mountain station is located on a flat and wide area of ​​the Dagu Glacier, on which small walks can be taken safely.

Because of the thin air at this altitude, there are oxygen bottles and breathing masks available in the two stations as well as in the gondolas.

The Dagu Glacier Gondola is a single-cable gondola built by Doppelmayr with an inclined length of 2,399 m and 20 supports. The 36 detachable gondolas for 8 people each need 9.4 minutes to travel at a normal operating speed of 6.0 m/s (21.6 km/h). The transport capacity is 800 people per hour. The drive is located in the valley station, and the tensioning device for the hauling rope is in the mountain station. The hauling rope was supplied by Fatzer.

The cable car is located around 40 km northwest of Luhua (Heishui) in the Ngawa Autonomous District of the Tibetans and Qiang, and thus around 350 kilometers by road north of Chengdu in the Chinese province of Sichuan. It can be reached by buses, which climb 1,200 meters in altitude when driving from the entrance to the national park at an altitude of around 2,400 m on the provincial road S 302 through the mountains to a basin below the Dagu Glacier.

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