Studio City is a glamorous entertainment resort in Macau with a luxury hotel, iconic attractions, global dining, shopping streets, and an opulent casino. Studio City is run by casino and entertainment firm Melco Crown Entertainment.

Called Golden Reel, the big wheel is sandwiched between the two towers of Studio City and ascends up to 130 meters above the ground. While the number eight is often seen as a symbol of fortune in Chinese culture, the wheel’s design comes from an imaginary Hollywood-inspired tale in Gotham City.

There are 17 steampunk-themed cabins, each accommodating up to 10 passengers on the 23rd floor of the hotel. As the ride moves, it snakes around the steel gold circles in a figure-8, similar to the movement of a film’s reel.

With its faux Art Deco design,  the Ferris wheel is built to look like a gigantic 35 mm film reel.

Other attractions include a 4D Batman simulator ride and a magic show by world-famous illusionist Franz Harary.

There’ll also be a 3700m2 Warner Bros. themed amusement center, a 5,000-seater entertainment venue, and Macau’s own Pacha, a franchise of Ibiza’s legendary club.

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