The Honghai Crane is a mobile gantry crane built by the Chinese Honghua Group. It was completed in Jiangsu in 2014, becoming the largest movable gantry crane by lift capacity, capable of lifting 22,000 tons to a height of 65m.

The Honghai Crane is 150m tall, has a span of 124m and the weight of the steel structure is 11,000 tons, excluding the spreader. It has a maximum lifting height of 71m and a total of 48 hanging points, each with a lifting capacity of 300 tons. The crane has an operating power of 1800 KW. The total weight of the crane is said to be 14,800 tons. The crane was first commissioned in November–December 2014 when it was utilized to build the hull of a platform supply vessel in the company’s yard in Jiangsu.

The crane was used for the building of a platform supply vessel, which was delivered to Danish marine services company Nordic Offshore Supply Unlimited in 2015. The Honghai Crane will be further utilized for the building of an offshore semi-submersible drilling rig for Orion Group.

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