Jericho is a Palestinian city in the West Bank. It is located in the Jordan Valley, with the Jordan River to the east and Jerusalem to the west.

The Jericho Cable Car is a cable car that has been leading from Jericho to the Mount of Temptation to the Qarantal Monastery there since 1999. The track is completely below sea ​​level.

The group cable car with twelve 8-person gondolas in four groups leads over 1330 m from the valley station to the height of the Qarantal monastery at −50 m. It passes the Elijah Spring (or Sultan’s Spring) and leads across the archaeological site of Tell es-Sultan, which lies at an altitude of −230 m. The Jericho Cable Car is also the longest cable car below sea level.

Next to the valley station is a tourist center with a restaurant and an event hall. There is a coffee house with a terrace at the mountain station. A gondola is set up for use with a wheelchair.

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