The Ōita International Wheelchair Marathon is an annual marathon for wheelchair athletes held in Ōita, Japan. It is the world’s first and largest international wheelchair marathon, and is officially recognized by the International Paralympic Committee. The race was first held in 1981 to commemorate the International Year of the Disabled, and has been held every year since then.

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The Ōita International Wheelchair Marathon is a challenging course that starts and finishes in Ōita City. The course is 42.195 kilometers long, and winds through the city and countryside of Ōita Prefecture. The course is relatively flat, with a few rolling hills. The weather in Ōita in November is typically warm and sunny, making it a perfect climate for a marathon.

The Ōita International Wheelchair Marathon is a prestigious event that attracts top wheelchair athletes from all over the world. The race is divided into several categories, including men’s and women’s wheelchair divisions, as well as divisions for athletes with different types of disabilities. The winners of each division are awarded medals and prize money.

In addition to the competitive race, the Ōita International Wheelchair Marathon also features a non-competitive fun run for wheelchair users and people with disabilities. The fun run is a great opportunity for people of all abilities to participate in the event and celebrate the achievements of wheelchair athletes.

The Ōita International Wheelchair Marathon is a major event that promotes the participation of people with disabilities in sport. The race is a symbol of hope and inspiration for people with disabilities around the world. It is also a great opportunity for people to learn about the challenges and accomplishments of wheelchair athletes.

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