The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum in Omiya Bonsai Village, Saitama Prefecture is the first public Bonsai art museum in Japan which opened in 2010. Saitama is also known as the “Bonsai Village”. A number of Bonsai gardens and related facilities are situated in this small city, and tourists can regularly see bonsai gardeners working on their masterpieces in this neighborhood.

The museum has three exciting sections. It begins from the Indoor Collection Gallery which has the Introduction Area, the Main Gallery, and the Zashiki-kazari Area, and bonsai arts are displayed in a small Japanese Tatami room with bonki (bonsai pots), suiseki-stones, both historical and folkloric materials and pictures. Displayed Bonsai artworks are selected according to the season and rotate on a weekly basis.

The garden with the circle path is perfectly ideal for viewing bonsai art from every different side and angle. The real advantage of the outdoor museum is that we can fully enjoy the beauty of Bonsai for four different seasons. Summer is possibly the best time as bonsai trees are full of green and some bearing fruits.

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