PSA International Pte Ltd is a port operator and supply chain company, with flagship operations in Singapore and Antwerp.

Under the 1912 Straits Settlements Port Ordinance, the Singapore Harbour Board was formed on 1 July 1913. On 1 April 1964, the Port of Singapore Authority came into being under the 1963 Port of Singapore Authority Ordinance to replace the Singapore Harbour Board and several organizations that have been operating in the port.

In the 1970s, PSA started building a container port in Singapore, and in 1972, handled its first container ship. A decade later, they reached the milestone of one-million-TEU of the number of containers processed. They later reached the 5 million TEU mark by 1990, making Singapore at the time the world’s largest container port. The company became a global operator after it first started its global expansion in 1966 through port interests in Dalian, China.

Now in Singapore, PSA operates the world’s largest transhipment hub with unrivalled connectivity, facilitating container movements across the world, 24/7 all year round.

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