The Float at Marina Bay, stylised as The Float@Marina Bay and also known as the Marina Bay Floating Platform, is the world’s largest floating stage and football stadium. It is located in the Marina Reservoir in Marina Bay, Central Region of Singapore.

The Float at Marina Bay was presented as a temporary replacement for the Singapore National Stadium while it got rebuilt into a modern stadium as part of the Singapore Sports Hub. The idea for a floating stadium came from the organising committee of the National Day Parade, with one of the greatest benefits having the scenic Singapore skyline as a backdrop.

Made entirely of steel, the floating platform on Marina Bay measures 120 by 83 metres (394 by 272 ft), which is 5% larger than the football pitch at the National Stadium. The platform can bear up to 1,070 tonnes.

The floating platform is fixed to the seabed by six pylons and can hold up to 9,000 people. The separate stand, which sits fully on the shore, can hold an approximate 30,000 spectators.

While the platform measures the size of a football pitch, it has only sparingly been used for football matches, and never hosted the Singapore national team. The stadium has most of all been used for concerts, ceremonies, and community events.

The Float at Marina Bay was originally planned to only host events for five years, however remained in use for longer due to the delays in the construction of the new Singapore National Stadium. Its future is currently unclear.