China Lantern International LLC, DBA Zigong Lantern Group, was formed in the United States of America, as the international branch to bring forth, the Chinese Lantern Festival overseas.

Zigong Lantern Group is the #1, and largest Chinese Lantern Festival group in the entire world. Zigong Lantern Group are the original pioneers who brought this cultural exhibition into the overseas market.

This magnificent display of lantern exhibits, are handmade inside a manufacturing facility located in Zigong, China and then displayed all over the world. China Lantern International is operating in the USA with a serious mission to offer this exciting cultural exhibition outside of China.

Zigong Lantern Group has over 20 years Chinese Lantern Festival experience (in China), 13 years overseas experience, and 7 years USA experience.  Zigong Lantern Group have grown to become the world’s largest and most powerful lantern group, and we will continue to work hard for further growth and exposure.

Magnificent lantern displays are built on-site by our artisans, using a variety of materials including silk and chinaware. All of our lanterns are then illuminated by environmentally-friendly and cost-effective LED lights. The famous pagoda is made of thousands of ceramic plates, spoons, saucers and cups knotted together by hand – always a visitor favorite.

Cultural Chinese lantern festivals began during the Han Dynasty of the Chinese Empire, when people believed that fire could ward off evil and bring blessings. The art of the lantern festival has evolved over centuries and is now a combination of traditional and modern materials with the ancient craft.