The Golden Dragon Museum is situated in the city of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. The museum is dedicated to the culture and history of Chinese Australians, particularly in the region.

Built on the historical site of one of Bendigo’s Chinatowns, the museum’s precinct also includes Chinese Gardens and a temple to Kuan Yin.

The Golden Dragon Museum houses what are believed to be the oldest and the longest imperial dragons in the world. Sun Loong, the longest imperial dragon, is over 100 metres (330 ft) long and was brought out every year for the Bendigo Easter Festival until Sun Loong was retired in favor of the 125 m (410 ft) long Dai Gum Loong in 2019.

Loong, the oldest imperial dragon, is heritage listed. Loong is an important part of Australian history thanks to his presence at the parades for Federation in 1901 and the Centenary of Federation in 2001. The museum also contains other dragons which all still perform today.