The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS) is a medical service in Australia. It was the first flying medical service in the world. It provides emergency and other health care to people living in rural and remote areas. It is a not-for-profit organization.

Communities in the Outback and the bush are generally small, and spread over large distances. Many farms, stations and outstations are located far from towns over rough trails. Because of this, many of these places do not have access to hospitals or doctors. The Flying Doctor Service brings medical service to them. It can land planes in any community that has an airstrip.

On 15 May 1928, Flynn formed the AIM Aerial Medical Service. This was an experiment based in Cloncurry, in Queensland. AIM leased a de Havilland DH.50 plane from the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service (Qantas). The plane was named Victory. It would fly doctors to remote communities. The service answered its first call on 17 May 1928. From Cloncurry, the plane flew 137 kilometers to Julia Creek in central Queensland. Within its first year of operations, the service flew more than 30,000 kilometers in 50 flights. It became the world’s first flying ambulance service.

During its first few decades, the service got most of its money from community fundraising, volunteers and donations. Today, the service gets financial help from the federal and state governments. But it still needs money from fundraising and donations from the community. Until the 1960s, the service mostly leased planes and pilots. After this point, the service moved on to buying its own equipment and employing its own pilots and mechanics.

Today RFDS has a fleet of about 60 planes. They fly from 21 bases located across Australia.

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