The German Finger Wrestling Championship is a traditional rural sport played by Germans in Bavarian costumes officially since 1959. It is a sport where two men matched in age and weight sit and face each other over a table and thread their fingers into a leather band. Although the sport seems to look fun, the competitors of finger wrestling take this championship seriously.

The origin of the sport, Fingerhakeln in German, is unknown but there had been speculations that it was once used to settle arguments in the southern portion of Germany and nearby Austria.

Months before the championship, expert finger wrestlers train their fingers by crushing tennis balls using their hands, doing single-digit pull-ups and some even lift as heavy as 50 kg using one finger.

Finger wrestling, just like regular wrestling, divide contestants into categories according to their age and weight. Under the weight division are light, middle, semi-heavy, and heavyweight (over 90 kg).

More recently, wrestlers compete for various weight titles in the Bavarian Finger Wrestling Championships held annually in Pflugdorf, near Munich. The aim is for each competitor to pull his rival (seated opposite) across the table placed between them, using a finger lash wrapped around each contestant’s digit.

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