In 2003, Vekoma premiered the Motorbike Coaster at the IAAPA expo. The reception was good, as it received the Award for “Best Idea Euro Amusement Show 2004 – Paris” at the Euro Amusement Show in Paris. The major difference with the normal sit-down rollercoaster is the positioning of the rider.

presentation image

Instead of the normal sitting seats, the rider takes place in a seat that is more leaning forward, like an actual motorbike. The rider can hold on to the ‘steering wheel’, and the rider is secured using a harness that pushes down on the back of the rider.

The layout of the glider track is characterized by a long, extended launch track and steep slopes parallel to the launch track. At a launch speed of up to 75 km/h, it passed a long steep slope, followed by many turns and horseshoe bends.

After this glider, two more were built. A replica of the Booster Bike was built in China, at Chimelong Paradise. In Flamingoland, a custom model was built, with the placement of the torsion parts being a bit different.

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