Corticeira Amorim S.G.P.S., S.A., is a Portuguese sub-holding company belonging to the Amorim Group and has been the world leader in the cork industry for over 130 years, with operations in hundreds of countries all over the world.

The origin of Corticeira Amorim dates back to 1870 when a factory for the manufacture of natural cork stoppers for port wine bottling was established. Amorim & Irmãos, a cork manufacturing company incorporated in 1922, was the first member company under the current Corticeira Amorim, SGPS, S.A. umbrella of companies.

Cork is an impermeable buoyant material, the phellem layer of bark tissue that is harvested for commercial use primarily from Quercus suber (the cork oak), which is native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. Cork is composed of suberin, a hydrophobic substance. Because of its impermeable, buoyant, elastic, and fire-retardant properties, it is used in a variety of products, the most common of which is wine stoppers. The montado landscape of Portugal produces approximately half of the cork harvested annually worldwide, with Corticeira Amorim being the leading company in the industry.

Corticeira Amorim is responsible for the management of 70 companies engaged in the cork manufacture, research, development, promotion, and sale of products and new solutions for the cork industry.

Corticeira Amorim is the world’s leading producer of natural cork wine closures, with over 3 billion units produced annually. About 80% of its cork products are manufactured in the Iberian Peninsula. In 2007, the total workforce of Corticeira Amorim was 3795; the company provided training programs to its employees, achieving a total of 54,428 hours of training

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