The De Bosset Bridge (formerly Drapano Bridge) is a stone bridge built in 1813 over the bay of Argostoli in Kefalonia.

The bridge was built in 1813. First made of wood, the construction was replaced immediately after construction piece by piece by a bridge of sandstone. The bridge pavement is loaded on 16 low stone arches, one of them is filled. On a small man-made island along the bridge is an obelisk monument of British patronage. During the 1953 Ionian earthquake parts of the bridge subsided, after backfilling and straightening of the pavement these damages remain visible from the side until today. In 1970, the bridge was listed as a historical monument.

As the bridge ends relatively centrally in Argostoli, its utility has recently proven to be counterproductive to keeping the through traffic out of the city, successively the bridge was closed in 2009 for heavy goods traffic and then for cars. In 2005, the seismic safety of the bridge was controlled, and an exchange of concrete fillings by sandstone was recommended.

From 2011 to 2013, the bridge was renovated and re-opened as a pedestrian bridge. In the course of the restoration, the concrete fillings from 1953 were replaced by sandstone, the asphalt was replaced by paving and the light poles anchored in the sea were replaced by replicas of the original lanterns.

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