Engeweiher, situated near Schaffhausen, Switzerland, is the world’s oldest pump storage station. It was built in 1907, predating the development of reversible turbines in the 1930s. This remarkable facility continues to operate today, providing a valuable source of renewable energy to the region.

Engeweiher was buildt with a capacity of 1.5 MW. The station consists of a pump, two reservoirs located at different heights, and a turbine. When there is a surplus of electricity, the pump pumps water into the upper reservoir. When there is not enough electricity in the network, water is diverted to the lower reservoir through a turbine, which provides electricity. The simplicity and reliability of this principle have been proven by time, as well as by the history of the Engeweiher station itself, which is still operating – its capacities turned out to be very useful against the background of the development of renewable energy sources in Switzerland.

As the world transitions to a cleaner energy future, pumped-storage hydroelectricity is increasingly recognized as a valuable resource. Engeweiher’s longevity and continued operation serve as a testament to the enduring potential of this technology.

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