First Bus is one of the largest bus operators in Scotland, with services on 150 bus routes running regularly throughout South East and Central Scotland, operating more than 950 buses and with around 2,400 employees.

First Bus – one of Scotland’s largest bus operators – operated a zero-emission fleet in a project led by Aberdeen City Council. These innovative, clean buses show the city’s commitment to transition to green energy from oil and gas as part of its Net Zero vision.

The new 60-seat double-deckers have been manufactured by a UK-based company – Wrightbus based in Northern Ireland – and will complement the existing fleet that the city already boasts including a range of hydrogen and electric vans, road sweepers, and cars through a car share scheme.

The buses are as efficient as electric equivalents, with refueling taking less than 10 minutes and offering a greater range. Water is the only emission from the vehicles which reduces carbon emissions and the new buses continue to contribute to the city’s commitment to tackling air pollution.

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