Flight International is a monthly magazine focused on aerospace. Published in the United Kingdom and founded in 1909 as “A Journal devoted to the Interests, Practice, and Progress of Aerial Locomotion and Transport”. Flight International is published by DVV Media Group. Competitors include Jane’s Information Group and Aviation Week.

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The founder and first editor of Flight was Stanley Spooner. He was also the creator and editor of The Automotor Journal, originally titled The Automotor Journal and Horseless Vehicle. From around 1900, the journal had a separate section relating to aviation and aeronautical matters.

The 5 April 1908 issue of The Automotor Jornal included a diagram of patent drawings of a plane made by the Wright Brothers. Stanley kept in contact with them via his friend Griffith Brewer. Eventually, Spooner decided that a journal focused solely on matters relating to flying should be published—and so, Flight magazine was established as an offshoot of The Automotor Journal.

Claiming to be the first aeronautical weekly in the world, Flight first appeared on 2 January 1909 as the official journal of the Aero Club of the United Kingdom (later the Royal Aero Club). In April 1934, Flight was acquired by Iliffe & Sons, who were proprietors and printers of technical magazines, one of which included Autocar. On 4 January 1962, the magazine was renamed Flight International.

In August 2019, Flight International and its associated divisions (except analytics and consulting divisions, which were retained by RELX as Cirium) were sold to DVV Media Group. In September 2020, Flight International switched from a weekly to a monthly publication.

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